Deeper Prayers – Relinquishment

What do we ask for when we pray?

More specifically, what do we pray for ourselves?

I’d like to pass along some of the prayers of others that I’m ‘trying out’ myself. I resonate with these words (what the word ‘amen’ relates to).

Maybe they’ll help you pray deep, life changing prayers as well.

This one comes from Richard Foster in his book ‘Prayers of the Heart.’


A Prayer of Relinquishment

Today, O Lord, I yield myself to you.

May your will be my delight today.

May your way have perfect sway in me.

May your love be the pattern of my living.

I surrender to you

my hopes,

my dreams,

my ambitions.

Do with them what you will, when you will, as you will.

I place into your loving care

my family,

my friends,

my future.

Care for them with a care that I can never give.

I release into your hands

my need to control,

my craving for status,

my fear of obscurity.

Eradicate the evil, purify the good, and establish your

kingdom on earth.

For Jesus’ sake,


Author: Dan Masshardt

Husband, Father, Pastor...

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