Church Needs to Be Compelling

James MacDonald:

I believe with all my heart, that much of what the church has become in our day is measly, milk-toast, and malnourished. It’s about as compelling as a ‘walk in the mall.’ I believe the New Testament church needs to be compelling. By that I mean, window-rattling, life-altering, Almighty God unveiling, COMPELLING! (I was yelling when I thought/wrote that).

That’s what I’m talking about.  Now getting there…that’s a bit more of a challenge.  Check out how he says our churches can be compelling.

Author: Dan Masshardt

Husband, Father, Pastor...

3 thoughts on “Church Needs to Be Compelling”

  1. Though it may be a subset of his “Thus saith the Lord” bullet item, I find the churches we’re most drawn to are those that aren’t afraid to speak hard truths. We’ve been to some churches where every sermon felt like a Barney episode, but left feeling like we’d been on a spiritual diet of marshmallows hungry for spiritual meat (a strange phrase from a vegetarian 🙂 Every one of these churches we’ve been to has failed to grow substantially.

    We moved on to churches that preach *all* of God’s word, not just the feel-good parts. Though it may make a church unpopular among certain people, the world is hungry for Truth even if it’s hard. And correspondingly, every such church we’ve been at has seen growth.

  2. Tim- I think that is much of what MacDonald has in mind under that point.

    Great comment – I agree with you. It seems counter-intuitive, but often churches that speak boldly see change much more than those that don’t.

    Maybe part of it is that we are very skilled at justifying to ourselves why something doesn’t apply to us.

    That type of preaching – and interpersonal communication for that matter – that is bold confronts us directly.

  3. I am glad to see the focus shifting from pragmatism–trying to figure out what “works,” people want, what makes sense–to proclaiming biblical truth. People need to hear the gospel. We can meet the “felt needs” of others but if, in meeting those needs, we don’t share the gospel, we are not fulfilling the Great Commission.

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