Preaching Too Long

Perhaps all preachers face the temptation to preach too long.  The best preachers know themselves well enough to be honest about how long they can preach pastor Craig Groeschel says,

“When preaching, we must avoiding preaching too long. While there are a few communicators who can hold a crowd for an hour or more, most can’t. It’s rare that I’ve heard people complain because a sermon was too short and they were left craving more; but I’ve often heard that a speaker “lost” the audience well before the message ended.”

Here is the truth about the length of sermons:

“Sermon length is not measured in minutes; it is measured in minutes-beyond-interest, in the amount of time the minister continues to preach after he has lost the interest of his hearers.”

From the book Why Johnny Can’t Preach
I’m realizing how important that is.  Obviously I can’t hold everyone’s interest, but when we can’t hold anyone’s interest, it’s time to start making our sermons shorter.

Author: Dan Masshardt

Husband, Father, Pastor...

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