Church Library

Just wanted to let you all know that I’m not giving up on getting a better church library going at some point. It just hasn’t been top priority.

Just so you know, last week Caleb and I moved everything that I felt like would be most helpful and usable to the bookshelf in the main downstairs room at the church. So much of what we have around is old and outdated. I’m going to put a couple of piles out for people to take or let me know ‘we need to keep this!’

My goal for our library is this:

  • To have resources that most people don’t need to own but might want to reference for studying an issue or teaching a class. There are so many good and helpful reference books out there.
  • To provide a good offering of Christian Living type books to stimulate our thinking and help to foster spiritual growth. We give so much time to television and other influences – we need Christian thinking. (read the Bible first, of course.)
  • A place to house Christian fiction and maybe some kids books. Many of you in the church read inspirational fiction and would be happy to share your books with others in the church. We could also share Christian kids books as our own kids outgrow them.

In all this, the goal is to have the best books that are the most helpful and not only donations that people bring because they are gathering dust (although, these are welcome for consideration.)

So how can I get a few good books for us? Ask for $100 in the church budget? Ask for each committee to donate a book a year that relates to their area of ministry? Put out a list of desired books and see if families or individuals would like to buy one for the church?

What do you think?

Author: Dan Masshardt

Husband, Father, Pastor...

One thought on “Church Library”

  1. You might want to make a list to see if anyone currently owns those books and would be willing to donate them.But I think all of your suggestions are valid. $100 isn’t that much and would enable you to buy books as needed (or when there’s a sale you can’t resist). I think asking people to donate books is a good idea, but it’s one that will probably fade away over time.

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