Sharing the Gospel with Kids

Sharing The Gospel with Kids Workshop – Lanty Moss

· Lanty used the Parable of the Sower from Mark 4
· We don’t know every kid’s background. We need to learn about them to share the gospel

with them in a meaningful way.
· We can’t just ‘throw’ the gospel into our teaching and time – we need to think through how
we will share it.
· Have we prepared ourselves to share the gospel – understanding it and praying for God to
draw kids to himself?
· There is a four session teaching available – ‘the farmer’ ‘the soil’ ‘the seed’ ‘the harvest.’

The Farmer

· We need to have a grasp on what the Gospel is – most Christians can’t articulate it.
· Small kids often get scared when we use the phrase ‘invite Jesus into your heart.’
· We need to remember that although we can prepare the soil and plant the seed, only God

can make the seed grow.
· We don’t know where we are in the process. There will be some people that we see come to
believe. Other times we’ll be planting and watering seeds that won’t grow until later.

The Soil

· Kids need to understand what sin is. Even preschoolers (Cubbies) can understand sin.
· How do we prepare kids to hear the Gospel? Are we going to present the message in a

group setting or one-on-one during ‘handbook time?’
· Make sure that we put the kids in a setting where they can focus on what’s being shared.
· We can model what we say we believe for the kids to see.

The Seed

· There are simple prayers that you can pray for your interaction with the kids.
· Lord, help me to proclaim the Gospel clearly to _____________.
· Help me to make the most of every opportunity to share with ___________.
· Jesus’ death and resurrection are the essential components of the Gospel message.

The Harvest

· It’s helpful to think of illustrations that help people understand the Gospel.
· Always use Scripture
· Make sure that kids understand each important aspect that you’re trying to share. Don’t

rush through – make sure that they get it.
· We may only have one opportunity – we need to make the most of it.

Author: Dan Masshardt

Husband, Father, Pastor...

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